“Pulling Down the Sky”

How would you feel if you had to look at a fence day after day knowing that it was keeping you away from something that  you couldn’t have? An artist by the name of Ana Teresa Fernández has started painting parts of the Mexico-U.S. border a sky blue shade. She first started this project with about 30 volunteers  in 2012 at the Tijuana, Mexico border area. The artist said she wanted to paint the border the same color as the sky in order to “pull the sky down”. She also said,”This wall has become a symbol of pain, a symbol where we lament the lives who have not been able to cross it.” This signifies the importance of remembering that many who wish to start new lives do not always get the chance to do so. Painting the fence will make it look like there is nothing but sky to someone standing and looking at it. Fernandez says that the border fence exists mostly for Mexicans, not Americans and by painting it, they are not erasing it but “pulling the sky down to us”.

Source: http://www.sfchronicle.com/news/us/article/Artist-plans-to-render-border-fence-invisible-6568500.php

-Maryam Naseem


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