Short-Cuts Used by the Media

When we sit down with a tub of popcorn to see a movie or a show, we don’t give much thought to what kind of characters we see or who  they are portrayed as. This chart shows how Latinos are percieved in Television and Film. The category which scores the highest, criminals, was percieved “very often”. The fact that this happens in our society is horrible. The media has created a template for how we should percieve Latinos in the media. It is easier for them to portray them this way because its easier for our society to understand. The media manipulates the content we veiw on television to fit the stereotypes we hear about in our daily life. The media has singled out this group of immigrants to pick on despite the fact that this entire country is made up of immigrants. Whenever we see a Latino or Mexican in the media, we have a pre-concieved notion in our minds that they are probably employed as a gardener or a maid. The media has created these short-cuts in our minds so that we are automatically forced to think negatively about characters in T.V. shows, even if we don’t want to.


Originally posted on October 3rd, 2015.

blog post 2

-Maryam N.


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