Yellow Journalism

In order to attract attention and readers, the media is known to use yellow journalism. In the case of undocumented immigrants, news outlets such as Fox and others are known to label these people as “illegal”. By attaching a negative stereotype, these people effectively become evil in the minds of the readers, and worse than regular Americans like them. The strategy is not old, as it was used by Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, when the United States was enveloped in the “Red Scare”. This technique of scapegoating is used prominently by several Republican presidential candidates when speaking about undocumented immigrants. For example, according to Bob Dane of FAIR in a Fox article,“We’re not doing American students any favors by dumping in tens of thousands of additional illegal alien children,”.By using a negative tone to implicate undocumented immigrants for wanting education, the media has effectively changed the perception of these people among their viewers. Mr. Dane is placing the blame for high costs on undocumented children, moving the focus away from reducing costs and onto helpless children. This stereotype is quite prevalent in the media, and it is a continual example as to how the media puts negative labels on undocumented immigrants.



-Maryam Naseem


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