Trump creating “borders” through out the country?

The media portrays Donald Trump as a clown, and somebody we should all laugh at. His far-right stance on immigration has caused tremors through the huge chuck of Hispanic voters in this country as well people living in Mexico. His immigration policy consists of having Mexico pay for a border wall, and revoking birthright citizenship, as well as other extremely crazy ideas. His continued presence at the top of the top of the polls has made many feel uneasy. Some even feel that he may be influencing others in the race. According to Joshua Partlow of the Washington Post, “Even if he doesn’t win, Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration could have a lasting impact.”. The problem is hard-line stances such as these will foster racism and discrimination onto a very large amount of innocent people. While we may not take Trump’s comments for granted, many people are growing skeptical if his bigotry-laced rehotric might just be hitting home.



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