Harder Times

The general premise against people of Hispanic origin in this country is that they are here to use entitlement programs. The cartoon depicted here shows a diner with a view of the kitchen and counter. A man at the counter is sharing his opinion of undocumented immigrants and entitlement programs. His views are that no illegal alien should receive benefits. A presumably Hispanic man working in the kitchen asks his fellow worker, “Jose”, as to what “benefits” are after overhearing that conversation. Jose replies that benefits are “what we do for their economy for five bucks a day”. The work that two Hispanic men do for five dollars a day probably allows the diner to keep its costs down, and stay afloat. The irony is that many Americans feel that undocumented workers are a thorn in the economy, when they really are a driving force behind most businesses such as the one shown in this cartoon. The chart shows California as being the state with the highest number of undocumented immigrants which means the job market for these immigrants is scarce, if any. Due to this, they settle for whatever work they can find as this cartoon depicts.